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Horizontal Slider

Horizontal players are designed to compliment site pages where no vertical columns are available. Our forum and responsive site partners have found these players to be a great solution.

Below is an example of our “Slider” player that is a great solution for responsive sites and where you’d want to install the player across the header or footer of your site.

When you install our Horizontal Slider you get both the benefits of targeted video content AND a paid Outstream video ad. Typically sites will install this unit in the footer of their site, but you can also place the unit on any section of your pages.

The Outstream will only start to open once the user scrolls down the page. This allows our player to detect that it will actually be seen. The “viewability” is one of the key aspects advertisers really like about Outstream Video Players.

Also notice that as you begin to scroll past the player, it will pause. Also notice that audio will only start once the user mouses over the player.

If you had more sections of your site, notice how the Outstream closes when it’s done to show just the player. Note the user can also close the Outstream Player manually.

To test this player on your site, o back to Support Page and copy the code under “C” called the “Horizontal Plug-N-Go Slider Example:

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