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Oustream In Page Ad

In-Page Outstream

Quickly grow your video revenue with Digital Throttle Outstream Video Ads. Video Pre-Roll Inventory is in high demand and short supply. These players are “found money” for your site as the ads appear in your pages or on top of our video players.

As the site visitor reads through an article or scrolls down your site, the Outstream ad appears between paragraphs or sections on your site. When more than 50% of the Outstream player appears within the display, the ad starts but is muted. Only when the user mouses over the player will sound play. The user can also close the the ad if desired. The Outstream video automatically collapses from view when either the ad ends or the user closes the ad. The Outstream player closes and disappears from view and the lower section of your site moves up to its normal position.

In-Page Outstream can be installed in a number of ways. Between paragraphs of your site content, in between sections, etc. When a user is reading and comes across the player, it pushes down the content after the player and starts the video ad (muted).

Online video advertising is high in demand. However quality video inventory is in short supply. And due to the premium CPM’s, advertisers will only pay for accredited and viewable video players. Outstream video players satisfy advertiser’s demands as the players only start when the video is physically seen by the user. For site owners, Outstream is an excellent source of “found” revenue as the Outstream players don’t require additional space and only appear when paid ads are ready to display. Even better, Outstream technology ensures you’re site won’t slow down as video ads play.

For more information on Digital Throttle Outstream, please visit this page: digitalthrottle.com/outstream

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